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Monday, January 31, 2011

Why I'm Broke!

Yo whatup. Today has been a rad day.
1) Got my new camera in the mail, finally.
Check out those badasses. Even with towels on our heads we're a terribly lovely bunch!
2) I can now use the camera to take sneaky spy pictures from various places!

Yee-ikes our kitchen is a mess. Someone should get on that. (Not it!)
3) Someone rewarded my blatant disregard for the rules (namely, doing a crossword from the paper that's supposed to be for the guests) with a giant bottle of whiskey.On the right is what normal people consider a good amount of booze. On the left is what I get for introducing certain people to Super Mario's Wonder Burritos.
4) I don't have a picture of this, but I splurged and bought myself some sweet new headphones. Listening to Kanye is way more thug when you can actually hear the bass.

Allstate for the soul

An email from a friend:

"I have to stand in front of an ordination council and convince them to make me Reverend ---- (that's right, bitches, what up)."

If all future religious leaders in this great nation are just like her, we're in good hands.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

In my free time..

Also I have been reading Hark! A Vagrant again. I'm sure I've talked about how much I love this comic before... Haven't I? Anyway, it's genius! Lots of insider history jokes, and the author always takes the time to at least partially describe whats going on in the comments. Thanks to her I now have this song stuck in my head:


We're arguing about a box of Jujyfruits - mainly, who should take it. I keep trying to pass it off and getting rebuffed. "I've already had enough candy!" Bullshit. Overeating at the movies is a requirement! So I pause my stride and stick the box in Ana's direction. "Here, hold this." Instinctively she takes it. I get a good 5 feet away before she realizes - "Hey, you have a purse! Get back here! I hate you!"

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let's head to the mountain! Bakerrrr!

Baker can't really figure out if they want new snowboarders/skiers to succeed or not. On the one hand, for less than $50 you can get a 90 minute lesson and a pass for the beginner lifts. On the other hand, the beginner lifts are guarded by what the instructors refer to as "The Beginner's Cliff". It's a (not really) steep hill that drops down to the lifts, and most beginners take one look before shying away and returning to the rope pull. I honestly saw at least five people call it quits after seeing what the next level of difficulty entailed.
And the rope pull? Oh man, the rope pull. One of the guys in my class, after chickening out at the Cliff's edge, convinced his more advanced buddies to do the rope pull with him. He and I had been dealing with the jerky jolting mechanism, with its slippery handles and uneven height for several hours. These snowboard prodigies were not only very confused by how the whole thing worked, but spend the entire ride up bitching about how difficult it was. Once we reached the top, one of them announced: "If I had to deal with this shit when I learned to ski, I'd give up!"
In fact, when I finally gave in to exhaustion and announced that I quit around 2:30, it wasn't because snowboarding was too difficult or I had fallen too many times or that my wrists hurt or that my tailbone was sore or that my legs were jiggly from all the bent knees. Hell no, I could have worked on my C-turns for hours! No, I was defeated by the rope pull. On the last ascent, I was grimacing and grappling at the wire and just trying, oh please, to make it to the top. But my arms refused to cooperate and I had to hike the last 10 feet up to the top of the hill.
Tomorrow, when the wonderful whiskey buzz I'm rocking wears off, my upper body is going to be very, very angry.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Got home to my parents' place late, the whole house quiet and still. I snuggled into the bed in the spare room - "my" room - and immediately fell into a warm, easy sleep. Staying the night in that bed is one of the big reasons I love going home. The pillows are the perfect amount of fluffy, there's a memory foam mattress, and the blankets are piled so high that it's like drowning in softness. If there's any down side at all, it's that my mom likes to come in and wake me up for coffee and chitchat around 9am. Now, there's nothing bad about any of that on its own - I love our morning conversations, it's part of the tradition! - but I never quite make it to bed early enough to fully enjoy a nice, long sleep in that quiet guest room in the back corner of the house. Some people daydream about flying or having superpowers or adventuring. I daydream about sleeping a whole day in that bed.

Maybe moving back in with my parents wouldn't be the end of the world...

... No. It definitely would. Forget I even thought that.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Before I say Goodnight...

The end of every month is always tough to get through. Inventory at work, rent check payment coming up, and not to mention the chance of looking back and seeing all the nothing you've accomplished in the last few months. Give me the mid-month relaxation any day, please - bills paid, paycheck flush in the pocket, enjoying the steadiness of a regular schedule.

All this just to bitch/brag about how I counted out 5,053 post cards at work today. I've got paper cuts on three fingers, dust up my nose, and a new appreciation for terrible, terrible photoshop disasters. (One card had a waterfall that appeared to be coming out of an eagle's feet.)

I've been listening to The Weakerthans almost non-stop lately. Things I've taken away from their music: a desire to find a book about Shackleton and compose a sonnet, I really hope I don't have to stay in a hospital for a long, long time, someone I know needs to get a cat I can play with, and how can I convince everyone I know to listen to this music? Because damn, it's good.