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Sunday, December 5, 2010


My new job is right along the waterfront. Usually I come to work around 6:30 am, with the dance music cranked and a cup of coffee glued to my right hand while I let cruise control do the work. I leave at 3:30 in the afternoon, just as the golden/magic hour is starting. Guys, I cannot express to you enough just how incredible the view is across the bay. Today I could see each one of the San Juans outlined across the water, different shades of gray indicating their distance from myself. The sun was hovering a few inches above the horizon, so there was this perfect golden line stretching from the southwest toward the beach. I literally let my van coast while I stared out my window, looking back every few seconds just to be sure I didn't hit a pedestrian. One of these days, if I ever replace the camera I lost while hiking Loughton glacier this summer, I'm going to stop and take a photo of this incredible view. Ideally I'll take multiple photos across several days, just to demonstrate the versatility of the beauty I get to enjoy. (If only I could see it from behind my desk, though, instead of only along the drive home.)
And then if that's not enough, as I rise up the hill and head toward the freeway, I can see a perfect view of Canada's Coast mountains to my left and Mount Baker in all her glory dead ahead. A coworker was telling me that every year, a Hawaiian highschool sports team comes to stay at our resort. Rather than request a view of the water, they request to be put in the very back every single year, without fail. They're tired of beach views, but not a one of them can get enough of the view of Baker.

I say. How is it I can drink a half a fifth of Jameson with no ill effects, yet am completely trashed after just two beers?

A question to ponder if ever there was one, surely.