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Monday, May 24, 2010

I almost disrupted an entire computer lab full of frantically-studying students when I saw this. Fortunately I choked back the laugh.

via Defective Yeti

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Learning Things

It's been busy (not really) around here lately! Since I've started running again I've been out nearly every other day, minus 3 out of the 4 days I "celebrated" this weekend. It's only three more weeks until I head out on an epic road trip followed by 4 months of hard hard work, and between now and then it seems like an endless list of things to get done.

But you're not here to listen to me itemize my future.

Instead, let's talk about the second coming of the wasp who likes to buzz around my bedroom. While waiting for Quinn to bring me my lunch (side note: I think one of my favorite things about having money will be the tendency among friends to buy each other things like food and coffee and cute things we saw on sale) this stupidly enormous wasp came sailing in through my open window. He was also enormously stupid, because he then proceeded to knock into the window for about 10 minutes before I took pity and swiped him out with a magazine. I mean, this thing managed to fly in between the two panes of glass, but couldn't sense the fresh breeze blowing only a foot below? Do wasps really have no survival instincts at all?!

Also, today was the last day of swim lessons. I had this awful little girl for private lessons. She would splash me in my face and laugh and ignore everything I said and instead take off running across the pool to show me how well she could "swim". Meaning not at all. And every time I'd try to get her to try something new she'd insist that she either already knew how to do it, or that it was hurting her. Good God, I can't even begin to count the number of times she said I purposely hurt her stomach/neck/legs. When I found out her mom had signed up for private lessons, I wanted to scream. In the end though, this little girl and I found some common ground and learned how to work together. Honestly, I think she taught me more about myself as a swim instructor than I actually taught her in swimming skills.

It turns out that if someone is having trouble with a skill, I really, really like to just keep working at it until it comes out right. She taught me that instead of forcing an issue, it's easier to step back, work with something you can already do, and approach the new skill from a different angle. I'm sure every teacher already knows this. Parents, babysitters, and life coaches probably know this. But hearing the advice told and actually trying it out and seeing the results are totally different. I know I'm not a world-class swim instructor - shit, I really do want to get out of this as soon as I can - but it feels good to find new ways to improve.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Continued Saga

... of an unnatural obsession with a beer-providing establishment.


Back in the day, nearly two years prior to now, a classmate and I used to passively rebel against our teacher by doing the New York Times crossword together. The past-time grew into a hobby, and the next thing you know, I was buying collections of the Sunday Times Crosswords from Barnes and Noble. I even bought several before I went to Mexico, and then annoyed my host parents about Spanish-language crosswords until we eventually figured out that they are so uncommon in Mexico, they don't exist. In Alaska I grew out of them (mostly because my iPod and its version of Solitaire was handier) and this year I've been almost crossword-free.

Until tonight.

When someone left the untouched crossword at the bar right next to the collection of beer lists.

Naturally I picked it up. Naturally I found a pen. Naturally I did this after my roommate and I had paid the tab and were ready to leave, and naturally I sat back down to get as much done as possible.

And Naturally, we finished it! It was a team effort, but GO US! We rock! We beat those brain-teasing New York elitists and filled that sucker out with minimal erasure!

And also, Dave gave us free beers to keep us motivated. "Is this the same Dirty Dicks I had earlier?" "... I don't know, I can't say if all dicks taste the same or not!"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On Family

Why did I also neglect my brother? Friends have to understand one another in order to be friends; brothers are brothers in any case....

--I'm Not Stiller, by Max Frisch

Monday, May 10, 2010

things that scare me


Seriously. I need a screen for that window.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Starting Over

Ran my first mile since the Ankle Incidents! Feel strong and impatient to get back in the groove. Must remind myself not to overdo it - not too far, not too fast, and not too often.

My brother's a basic training grad! Now leaving San Antonio and heading up to the northern parts of Texas for tech school. Like any true military man, he's already tried to convince me to join up - "They'll pay you to go to grad school!"Doesn't he look good? A bit goofy with no hair and new glasses, but he's charismatic enough to pull it off. Also: he's got my mom's nose.

Other Items of Interest:
- The Honey Moon might start competing with Mckay's for favoritism. Outside seating, with evening sun and home-brewed mead? Very European. As my friend noted: Mckay's and the Honey Moon are both very European, one's a dark, noisy, back-alley pub and the other's a sidewalk cafe in one of the Romance language countries.
- The cruising season in Alaska is picking up, and friends are already starting to post pictures of bears and stories of tourist antics. I'm psyched to join them in a few weeks!
- With the new sunny weather, bugs have started to make their presence known. The wasp a few weeks back was just the start - now my room always has a mosquito or gnat or fly or two buzzing in and out of the open window. I also ate a gnat while running today. Not fun. Go away bugs! (for those of you in areas that actually have real bug problems, instead of the silly ones we Pacific Northwesterners make up: you're braver and more capable than I. Have fun with your cockroaches.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

I Wanna Know What It's Like...

Newest embarrassing moment:

While recounting to my roommate an embarrassing story of mistaken identities, our bartender (Dave of Mckay's fame, of course!) mentions how I haven't friended him on Facebook. "Of course I have!" I say. I think. "At least I've friended Mckay's, but not you..." "Why not?" "Well..." And here I do some fast thinking, "I don't know your last name!" Pause as we look at each other. "Who do you think Mckay's is named after?" Well SHIT. He caught me there. Roommate starts cracking up, laughing her ass off while I turn beet red and think about hiding under the bar. It doesn't matter that I earn "respect" for having the guts to go balls-to-the-wall all out and make the mistake anyway. I'm still the one with the most stories where I look like an idiot/ass. How many people out there have I offended? Creeped out? Alienated? Good God, I'm a threat to my own well-being.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

FDub: Everything You Want

... except for charm, character, class, or culture. Or even me, Chelsea! So really, everything but the important C's.

Meet Skyler, my honorary nephew. We went to Northwest Trek on Friday and later did some doughnuts in the parking lot.

FDub: Only OK because I don't live there

Went home for the weekend, and this time it was harder to come back to Bellingham than usual. Federal Way has slowly been improving over the years... Though not because the town is any better, but because the things I want from life are changing. $5 all-day pass to the fitness center, which has a steam room and a sauna. Nearly guaranteed jobs at 2 locations, plus a plethora of other possible employment opportunities that would let me show off/ practice my Spanish. Friends that I don't see nearly enough. Free room and board. A sweet, sweet bedroom. In the end, though, I'd be living with my parents and sequestered in suburbia, wasting 30 minutes just trying to get to the freeway to connect to other bits of suburbia. After being away so long, the extreme distances one has to cross to do basic errands is absolutely ridiculous. So I'll continue to be poor, scraping by money to pay for rent while dreaming of being able to afford things like yoga classes and gasoline.

Home Subject #2: When I'm not being a cantankerous bitch, my brother and I actually get along really well! We watched the newest Doctor Who episode together, laughing uproariously over the "Are you sure he's not a mad man?" "I trust him completely." dialogue, sharing theories about the cracks in the wall, and for me, finally getting the answers to some questions about the Doctor Who timeline that Wikipedia wasn't explaining (and watching all those old episodes was NOT an option).

He also got me hooked on a new webcomic: Hark! A Vagrant I can't stop reading it, and with every comic I'm also googling images of historical figures' beards, reading entire pages of Wikipedia, and generally wishing I was more of a history geek. Did people make fun of you in high school, calling you "smart" as if it were an insult? Are you now unabashedly proud of knowing things other people don't? Read this comic! It's fantastic!