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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comfort and Achievement

On Sunday I went all sorts of apeshit on my room and cleaned that sucker out good. I also rearranged the furniture and dusted the windowsills and finally tossed out that poor sad jade plant that got root rot while I was in Mexico. Seriously, the room is impressive. You know how that rug really pulled the room together? Well this furniture arrangement would make the rug nothing but a trivial decoration.

But the BIG story is how I've rearranged my bookshelf. Unread books go on the bottom shelf, hidden by pictures, postcards, candles, unused disposable cameras and the statue of a cowboy riding an armadillo. The middle shelf is composed of completed books and unfinished books. I made a rule with myself that I've got to settle on one book at a time and do some heavy damage to those victims of my short attention span before I can start any of the ones I've acquired recently. And you know what? It's working! In the last few days I've finished off the one about Latin American politics, the one about language, the one about blind people, and the one about Africa. Now I'm torn between devouring another Stephanie Plum novel or working on that expensive literary one I bought in San Francisco.

One great thing about this new room arrangement is that I can read a book and look out the window, watch my curtains wafting in the wind or spy on the neighbors smoking cigs, and watch the sun creep across the floor in the early afternoon. It all feels so safe and inviting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Me: Who wants Boomer's?!
Lauren: I'm actually at Casa right now :)
Me: Balls

Later, just as I'm unlocking the kitchen door and resigning myself to heating up some leftover pizza, Lauren comes stomping around the corner and practically accuses me, "Did you already go to Boomer's??" I'm still holding my keys in my hand as she launches into an account of how her dinner turned into a "let's unload our drama" night out, and she needs a milkshake and a rant session. (No, I promise I didn't point out the irony.)

So we get settled with burgers and shakes, and eventually the topic turns to happier themes. One of which, in passing, is how her friend who came with us on the Lost Lake hike suggested me as a potential roommate for next year. I sighed and said something along the lines of, "If only..." and then we talked about something else.

But the idea stuck.

I'm graduating in 4 months, but then what?? Move to Alaska, okay. But that only lasts until October 1, tops. And then? The plan is to just bide my time, earning and saving money until I can catch a plane to Europe in either May or June. I flirted with the idea of being an au pair in Spain, or Norway, or in Germany for my friend Anna's family... But then nixed it. Then the plan was to move back in with the parents, but I start to itch and fidget when I think about going back there for more than a week. The same issues every college grad confronts are finally sinking in: tests are going to be over soon, and then I have to find something else to do.

I like Lauren. She's the only rational voice in a house that would otherwise having me believe up was down, black was white, and that leggings can sometimes pass as pants. She likes hiking and making healthy dinners that make me reconsider my diet of bagels and pizza. She listens to me wax poetic about running, and doesn't judge me when I fail to actually run. She's wonderful! Now, what if I lived with her in a scenario that didn't include all our nutty roommates? What if it was just me and her and her hiking friend and maybe another chill girl?

Basically I'm overcome right now with daydreaming about all the wonderful things my life would be. I like the prospect. In fact I'm in love with the idea. I want to start house-hunting right now. But my short-lived infatuation with being an au pair in Norway has taught me my first lesson in contemplating my post-grad life: Give it a week or two. So now the idea will rattle away in my brain, and I'll consider it from all angles, talk to the parents, consider the drawbacks, and maybe this time next year I'll be sitting on a different colored carpeted floor, typing away at the same ( but maybe a little more beat-up) laptop, thinking about running Padden in the morning.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Makin' Money, Sittin' Pretty

Today I kicked ass at work.

I arrived and immediately set into a "Gettin' Things Done" mode. Made calls, entered data, took money, gave change. I earned a cookie and bantered with someone's Dad. I never got around to reading the detective novel I'd brought in my purse.

Some days I wonder if college is really my thing. I mean, there's no way I want to keep using the stuff I'm learning in my business classes. ROA and Game Theory, no thank you. I'd rather file papers and answer phones while gossiping about my least favorite coworker. But what does that say about women's equality and all these issues of gender roles when, in fact, I really am happier being a secretary? I guess it's a matter of job comfort. Probably after I get my first big post-college gig, I'll be pants-peeing scared for a few weeks before the routine sets in and it all starts to feel like the same old same old. I mean, just today I thought up a way we could improve our data entry system, and there's no way I would have come up with it if it weren't for all the time I spent on Excel this week for a class assignment. And maybe, if I had a job I cared about just a little more, I'd be ballsy enough to implement that improvement.

Yeah. I think I'll stick this college-thing out. Four more months isn't so bad I guess.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

History Lesson

Also, the other day I was hanging out with some friends and mentioned "I'm going to blog about this!!"

T: "Um, no offense but... Does anyone read it?"

And fair enough. I don't think there are more than 4 or 5 of you out there! But it doesn't matter. I've been doing this since 2002. That's a big commitment. Even if I only post once a month, and only about how "Man this beer tastes good. SUCKAZ." I'm still going to stick with it.

And for all y'all out there that want to read about my life since I was FIFTEEN (I don't think I've changed much since then, actually), well, here are the links:

The First: Drinking Glue (June-December 2002)
The Second: Sniffing Glue (January 2003- January 2005)
The Third: Rare Wit and Charm (January 2005- October 2009)
The Fourth: Recycled Words (October 2009- present)

I can't explain the glue thing, except that I've always had a weird sense of humor and a giant streak of obstinacy. Rare Wit and Charm and Recycle Words are, respectively, newglue and lastglue in their domain names. I have no idea what I'll do if I ever make another blog... ZombieGlue, maybe? ResurrectedGlue? JustKiddingGlue? Who knows!

What have you eaten lately?

There's something about pizza that automatically induces hunger. Maybe it's the melted cheese, or the scent of spicy-hot pepperoni, or the way someone carrying a box of pizza is always so damn happy, but just having pizza in the same room sends me into a salivating food-zombie.

Part of it, I think, is that I haven't been eating much pizza these last few months. Don't get me wrong! I'm still gorging myself on the stuff at least twice a month. But back in the day of family-roommate dinners and working across the street from Little Caesar's and their $5 carry-out... Let's just say that my cravings never went unfulfilled.

These days there's no room for frozen ones in the freezer.

Now, imagine my pain when I've been on campus (sans-food) for 6 hours, working on group projects and various other trivial assignments. Then suddenly, something starts working its way through Bon Iver and Excel. My concentration's shattered. Someone... Someone's eating pizza! I look around the computer lab, but there's no trace of it. So I shrug it off and keep working. But the smell's persistent. It tap-tap-taps at my concentration, working my stomach up into a rousing re-enactment of the last scene in Dirty Dancing. Finally I just can't take it anymore and slam my things together, running out of that lab as fast as I can (which is pretty fast, seeing as I've been running lately). And there it is! A giant pile of piping hot pizzas from Pizza Time, sitting on the table next to.... A bunch of guys in suits. About to go into some boring Accounting Club meeting. There's no way I could fake like I belong. Instead I push my way through the group, not making any eye contact, and walk home with a mad craving for something hot and greasy.

So basically, no, I didn't eat that salad I'd planned for dinner. I had nachos. Deal with it.