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Monday, June 30, 2008

Long Hot Summer

Coming home from work just a short while ago, I didn't take time to wonder what I would do with the evening. After a 30+ bike ride in the glaring sun during the hottest hours of the day, followed by four looong hours at a too-loud workplace, I was in no position to question my instincts. I simply acted on autopilot.

That's how I've come to find myself laying in a pile of nearly every blanket I own, head propped up by pillows, laptop resting on my knees, drinking a beer and preparing to watch Dexter until I fall asleep.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


After yesterday's woodland adventure, I've had an insatiable craving to get outside again and be on the move. Luckily for me, I moved my bike into the living room and pumped up the tires a few days ago.
So post-work, I took to the roads and did the warm-up loop from last year. You know, around through Fairhaven, along State, downtown and back again. I continued on down Old Fairhaven until I hit 32nd, then detoured for a glass or two of wine from one of my favorite redheads. It felt great to be moving, exercising old muscles, flying down streets on my little red road bike, and eventually climbing off and finding my legs shaking from the exertion.
I think tomorrow I'll run a mile or two on the track. What better time than now to rekindle my old loves?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Day Off (Sort Of)

Since I don't work until 5, and dumb Irene works until 5, I found myself with an empty afternoon. I took the time to finally clean the apartment, and after two hours of scrubbing and vacuuming and dusting and rearranging, guess what? I know it's clean, but nobody else would be able to tell.

We wrecked this place this year. Oops.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Home Comfort

Brent got a Wii about a month ago and never told me. (Granted, we don't see each other as much as last year.) He brought it home with him this weekend, though, and it's been mad fun playing it on our parents' giant plasma tv.

Right now is really adorable. We're behaving just like we did in high school. I'm on the couch with a book, Brent's doing his video game thing, and there's a laptop with a walkthrough set up for me to read to him when he gets stuck.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Before I Sleep

Fuck bitch shit. The calf is still knotted up and twisted and painful. I take hop skips to get started after standing up.

Went and saw Hulk with my brothers and dad tonight. Great movie? Terrible? Hard to decide. It was definitely entertaining, but not something that will stick with me for very long. Can you believe they all thought Hulk was terrific and Indiana Jones was hokey? I can't. I love the men in my family, but we obviously appreciate completely different things from our movies.

My dad and I had a late-night argument/discussion about our political beliefs, values, and the choices he made that led him to where he is now. I'm walking away from the conversation feeling torn. He was young and idealistic once, just like me. But he had kids and settled and picked the easier route and essentially walled himself up in the middle class suburban lifestyle so I could be raised happy, healthy, and protected. He did a great job. Any complaints I have about my childhood or the way my parents raised me are simply comments coming from the ungrateful and consistently dissatisfied part of me that I try to shut out.

He also warned me that, when it comes down to it, having kids myself will probably bring out the same behaviors from me. I want to disagree. I want to say that I'll always be up for an adventure, to help people and be self-sacrificing. I think of the couple I met in Peru, whose names I can't recall right now, but they had a one year old daughter named Ilana. They seemed to be successful on both fronts. She was an engineer, he took tourists out on white water rafting trips. They traveled on and off throughout the year, switching between his mother's ranch in Peru and her parents' place in Colombia. They were young and educated and idealistic, they worked on sustainability projects with Pocha on the ranch, and meanwhile they raised a kid. Maybe Ilana won't have the same safe protected childhood my parents envision kids need, but I feel that her parents' lifestyle is going to bring her so much more.

I want that for my future. For myself, for my kids, for anyone else who thinks it sounds good. I don't want to compromise and choose a way of life that isn't great, that makes me feel uncomfortable when I think about it, all for the sake of feeling safe.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I can't walk =(

I woke up with a nasty charlie horse this morning. I was still a bit drunk from the night before, but even with the numbing effects of alcohol I was crying and cursing and writhing in pain. It even left a little friendly reminder behind - all day, I've been unable to walk/stand up/climb stairs/do anything requiring the use of my left calf muscle without first stumbling and saying "fuck" under my breath. A coworker claims she had one that stuck around for days.

If that's the case, I will be relying heavily on the rest of my vicodin prescription.

There's been a rash of robberies going on lately, or at least ones occurring to people I know. My brother's girlfriend had her house broken into a few weeks ago. Then just a few days ago another boy I know was robbed. Worse, he's been calmly and professionally selling huge quantities of weed to pay for college. He lost thousands of dollars, and thousands of dollars more worth of electronics and computer equipment. Petty thieves or people who knew him and knew what to find, those robbers went home rolling in their newfound wealth.

I know we're supposed to hiss and spit and give the evil eye to drug dealers, and the majority of them I've met have been completely sketched out, but this boy comes from a different line of suppliers. He's clean cut, hard-working, intelligent, friendly, and basically everything but what you'd expect. No one deserves to be robbed, but this kid least of anyone.

I got a second job for the summer. I'm basically doing the same things I did as a lifeguard, only minus the water and plus giant inflatable bouncy rooms. I'm determined to use my employee benefits to jump and tumble and play on them myself after hours. My first day is Tuesday, and I'm actually really excited to start. It seems more interactive with the customers, low-key, and even if the place smells a bit funny I'm sure I'll enjoy myself.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Awwww Yeah

At sixteen, my parents sent me out to find a summer job. At each of the 5 places I applied to, I got a job offer.

I picked the swimming pool, which was maybe a good idea and maybe bad, because I haven't had to seriously apply for a job since. Once in the pool network, all surrounding facilities will take you.

This summer, though, I need more hours. Mexico is going to be costly, and I need to prepare.

I sent out two 4am applications to part-time job openings in Bellingham.

I have an interview tomorrow at 11:30.

Still got it.

Fun Fact

Since Brent took back his TV, our only option left is my old 12-inch with a VCR. My laptop screen is bigger - just more of a reason to watch Surf the Channel instead.

Also. I should've known tonight would turn into an all-nighter.

Disconnected thoughts

Went out to Jalapeno's for Happy Hour with two of the roommates and Ky, and it was GREAT. Big Mamas are not notorious for nothing. After downing two and a pizza pan full of nachos, my entire goal for the rest of the afternoon was to find someplace warm to fall asleep. The boys steered me away from the park across the street, seeing as it's been raining intermittently for the last, oh, FIVE YEARS.

Ended up in my bed, which is never a bad place to find myself after a drinking bout.

Woke up to yelling in the kitchen, as usual. Meghan had come for a visit, I'm not sure why, I was still a bit muddled. Right before she left, though, she threw out that her friend from Friday thought I looked like I'd be fun to cuddle with. Of course, now I'd like to track this boy down and give it a go. Facebook made finding him a non-issue, but I don't think I have the guts to follow through.

Where was I going? Oh, yes. After an excellent kung-fu movie viewing with Nick, we trundled off to campus to take advantage of the beautiful, wonderful, heart-squeezing event known as 25 Cent Coffee During Finals Week.

Now it's a bit late, more than a bit late, actually stupidly late considering I have one last final tomorrow. Caffeine is coursing through me, my fingers are jittery, and the urge to sleep is completely gone.

Speaking of sleeping, last night I dreamed of pterodactyls and running away from them while wearing filmy, floaty Victorian-era dresses. And kid gloves.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Waiting for the sun

It's been yet another gloomy day here in Bellingham. I locked myself in the computer lab for four hours after acing a final, and I have mixed feelings about the experience.

Pro: finished my portfolio that is due tomorrow
Con: was in the computer lab for four hours
Pro: did not have to walk home during the onslaught of all rain in Bellingham's clouds
Con: missed the thunder and lightning show, and the lights flickering
Pro: ran into an old friend and we agreed to go out for a drink soon
Con: now have blisters on my feet from walking in wet shoes

Also I spent a lovely evening catching up with Sharron. Sometimes I just want to kidnap her and make her spend a day talking to me. She's completely inscrutable sometimes, we'll spend a few hours together and I'll still have no idea what's going through her head. Then other times, like tonight, I get a real solid idea of what makes her tick, what's been effecting her everyday.

The three glasses of sangria helped, I think.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Notes from the Computer Lab

Fun story learned from a mostly tedious presentation day.

Horchata is a traditional Spanish drink that has variation among all Spanish-speaking countries. Legend says that the name comes from King Juame I, King of Aragorn. After being served the drink for the first time by a servant girl, he asked her the name. She told him, and he said, "No, això es or, xata!" (No, that's gold, girl!) And thus, horchata.

Made from milk, rice, vanilla, and cinnamon, it was the most deliciously comforting drink I have ever had. I'll be making lots of it over the summer, I'm sure.

AND OH GOD. I forgot I downloaded Lil Jon's Get Low. It just came onto my iPod and I swear, for a second I thought some jackass was blasting terrible music in the computer lab.

Warning: Dangerous Website for Women

I could totally spend thousands on a vacation in the French countryside. This one was the most garish I could find, and I'm in love. Proof that even oodles of money could never give me class.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Dead Week

Dead Week is just beginning, the true Finals panic has yet to set in, and the computer labs are only at half-capacity. Written on the white board at the front of the room is this poem:

My candle burns at both ends,
It will not last the night.
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends-
It gives a lovely light.
-- Millay

It's rather ominous, wouldn't you agree?

Brent asked what I wanted for my birthday. I told him to get me some pants.