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Friday, June 23, 2006

One Month Later!

I've been informed that my blog is in sad need of an update. So here it is: my life story.

Yesterday during an impulsive trip to the ortho, it was discovered that my teeth needed just a tiny bit more readjusting. I am now the proud new owner of a very, very painful new retainer (well, thank god the guy does invisalign, right? No braces!) Unfortunately, this leaves me feeling not too hot. The boy saw first hand how much it hurts to take them in and out, not to mention what eating is like. Soft foods only, thanks. Today when I screamed my frustration out for several minutes in an empty house, I decided that painkillers might be the only option. Alas, the good stuff is well over a year old. It seems that no matter how clumsy and accident-prone I tend to be, it's never enough to warrant a visit to the doctor. And perhaps year-old narcotics aren't the greatest idea. Twenty minutes into my shift at work, I broke out into a sweat, got very very dizzy and very very nauseous. Fortunately my boss is very understanding, and I was soon slowly driving the mile back home to my house, where I could lay down and wait for the room to stop spinning. The pills, naturally, ended up in the toilet.

In other news, I spent much of the afternoon with Tommy, Hayley, and Jessica. Before the two girls joined us, Tommy and I dinked around with my bike. We managed to get the tires filled again (a superhuman feat, I assure you) but the Slime experiment failed miserably. That green goo's been injected into my tires so many times that it started seeping out before we'd fully deflated my tires. Instead I just stole my dad's hand pump and I plan on taking it with me everywhere I go from now on. I think I'll tell him tomorrow evening when he gets home.

Other than that, my evening consisted of many episodes of Veronica Mars and several packets of Minute Made fruit snacks.

Oh, and one last thing. I am loving this whole room/bathroom/entire house to one's self for the better portion of the day. My bathroom is piled high with clothes in a way it never was when Scott was still around. My new big bed gets more attention than my computer chair. Books are strewn carelessly about, joined by the many cans of Diet Coke that my parents keep supplying. Home is Heaven.