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Monday, January 30, 2006

I hope I never fall in love with you

I am a girly girl. I enjoy sitting at home watching girly movies, over and over. Tonight, I took over Elaina's couch and watched Look Who's Talking - it was glorious! There were all these "Oh I love you" and "Oh I want you but you're the wrong person for me" scenes, and I ate them all up. There's just something completely satisfying about watching a plot that's been done over and over again - there are new jokes, new situations, new characters and outfits, but outline to the plot never changes. It's like eating your favorite food - sure it's nothing new, but damn, it's good.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Doo doo-doo!

He still snores. That's not so bad anymore. It's almost calming, since it's so low and steady. But you know what is annoying? The way he takes up my entire bed, EVERY DAMN TIME. Just passes out and refuses to move. And here's poor me, sick and tired and achey, with maybe six inches to squeeze into between him and the wall. I need a bigger bed.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

... and nothing will ever come between us...

I really shouldn't be bragging about this, but I will anyway. On the shuttle today, my english professor totally complimented me on my intelligent and provoking comments. Again. If RJ's still interested, the first time he complimented me on something I said about Stockholm Syndrome and Phyllis Wheatley, but I didn't want to bore the boy while he was drunk. Anyway, I think the greatest thing I did was mention existentialism as related to Bartleby the Scrivener, which was a total ripoff from junior year AP English. That's not really the highlight of the day, though. The highlight was definitely seeing Sharron get caught in the shuttle doors after poking herself in the eye with her sunglasses. Yay Sharron! I can't wait until that girl and I get our butts working and finally hang out outside class.

Billy Budd is a pretty boy

So Jessica, about the hair thing. Mar pulled his hair into a ponytail, slicked it back if you will, and dressed himself up in a snazzy black suit. We were walking down Old Main toward each other, from one very far end to the other, and it wasn't until we were literally within five feet that I recognized him. He thought I'd been ignoring him. Psh. That kid looks DIFFERENT without the helmet!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

don't you dare!

This is just a start. A taste, if you will. More pictures coming soon. Facebook comes first these days, sorry.

Also - new rule! I can usually figure out who's writing comments, but that last Kerouac quote is baffling me. So please, tell me who you are. Or make it obvious.Posted by Picasa

bad bad leroy brown - jim croce

i love this song. i grew up on it. and every time i hear it i'm outraged that he gets beat up in the end. it's leroy brown! he's tough shit!

I can't keep myself from staring longingly at all of the books next to my computer. I know I've got to finish The Razor's Edge, and The Secret Garden, but then what? A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? She's Come Undone? Giant? A Clockwork Orange? Out of India? On the Road? AHHHH and those are just the ones that pop out.

Earlier today, I spent a long while at the gym. I did not work out wisely. I spent the entire time working out my legs, and then when I tried to walk down the stairs to the locker room, I almost fell. Yeah. (Notice: yeah must be read correctly. It is not just one syllable. It is "yee-ah".)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's another night-before-the-test cram session. Naturally, I've been googling images of Chelsea Clinton for the past hour. I want to be this girl - she had fame handed to her without doing a thing, she's making six figures in a top consulting firm, she got a makeover from Donatella Versace. She's hot shit now, and just a few years back she was the dog of the White House. Here are some links to the winning photos.

the original site is in french

her boyfriend looked like Joey from Wings

hangin' out with the old man

Oh, Chelsea. She's lovely, really. Now if only we didn't have the same name, so my curious fascination with her could seem a little less narcissistic. I wasn't googling my own name first, honest.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I remember earlier this quarter, when I was unhappy and stressed and disillusioned, I spent a lot of my time awake, reading, walking around, and drifting between one friend and another (I only have about 5 to drift between, but I drifted a lot, damnit.) Now that I'm satisfied, focusing on classes, and basically have a purpose to my waking hours... I seem to be spending a lot more time sleeping. Take today, for instance. After I finish this, I'm going to crawl into my bed and sleep for another three hours or so. Then I'll read, study, go to class, eat, etc.

I just have a quick question. Is it bad that I look forward to downloading and listening to music more than anything else?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

If you wait long enough...

... everything will work out in the end. Some people might extend that to death, where you don't even have to worry anymore. I'm not one of those people. I'm just comfortable with the way things are. While walking to class? I have a CD player to keep me company. (Well, I had one. It sucks batteries dry within hours, so I might have to get another one. This will be the third absolute failure of a CD player since the loss of the Perfect Sony CD Player. PSCP, if you will. That was years ago, and I'm still mourning it.

So, I supposed an explanation is due for all of you not in the know. My computer crashed on Saturday morning - the hard drive frizzled and fried and went kaput. In the last six days it's taken to put it back together (and yes, that is six. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. See? Six.) I've embraced my computer geek side and actually figured out how my computer works. With help from friends, of course. Brent was the first. He showed me just how cool I've been without even knowing it -- I had a 160 gig hard drive and never knew it! I wish I could keep that baby, but it's going off to either Brent or Ben. They both like computers more and have more stuff for a big drive like that. Anyway. Lucas stole me some premium Windows XP, the kind that has all the extra fancy media software. Then I waited a few days to get my driver installation CD in the mail from my dad - priority mail, by the way. Two days for priority mail is dumb. So then, today, today was the good day. I got my internet running and went c-razy! Downloaded Firefox, iTunes, gaim, soulseek, winrar, a tagger, and a pretty skin for firefox. I also got an account for gmail from Ben. Oh, Ben! Ben is my hero for the day. He got onto my old hard drive and salvaged some of what I lost. Most of the mp3's were toast, but I got my pictures (including the men in skirts series) and about 300 songs from various artists. It was extremely nice of him, especially since he hadn't had any sleep and did it for me anyways. Hence why he gets the 160 gigs of Brent doesn't take it.

Well, I've gotten bored of writing that. I've done more, but it's just not important anymore.

What is important is that my english professor and I are going to become good friends this quarter. He rides the shuttle to and from class, like I do, and we talk along the way. It's pretty cool. Class with him is just amusing as all hell. I keep expecting to be grasping to keep up with the concepts and ideas thrown around like back in AP English. But no. Oh no. It's more like a one-on-one conversation between the professor and I, with half the class looking like dead fish. There are tons of other intelligent people in that class - I suspect they'd make me cry if I ever had a real conversation with them. But the whole speaking-up thing? Not happening.

[edit] oh rj. he had to take my amusement and twist it around. "That's pretty sad if a 200 level class is less challenging than a class you took at Decatur." Love him, such a sweetie, transferring to the U is becoming more realistic every day.

Thursday, January 5, 2006


Welcome back to school. It's been two days and already, far better than last quarter. Let's see. No emotional breakdowns due to an uncertain relationship. No uncertainty attending classes in a college setting for the first time. Unexplainable boost of confidence while talking to strangers, seeing old acquaintances, and walking across campus consistently alone. More sleep, easier and more fulfilling classes, class schedule is AMAZING, and a regular gym partner. Food still tastes like cardboard, but I'll manage. Add that up to possibly never worrying about the risk of having kids ever again, and I've got myself a sweet little deal.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

They're Guinea Pigs!

I feel very sedate right now. It's been a long day, the more eventful half of it spent with Chanel while she talked about her freedom from relationship prison while we ate ice cream and watched movies. Maybe it was the sad movie, maybe it's just because I'm tired, but my eyes sting and I feel like crying. Hey, guys, I'm a crybaby, did you know that?? Yep. My car was cold and wasn't warming up fast enough - I wanted to cry. It's 1 am and I'm still not going to bed, but I have to get up at 9 tomorrow to do laundry, pack, and clean. I want to cry. The chocolate sitting next to me is taunting me and saying, "Come on wuss, weaksauce, you know you want to eat it. Sure you had 3 pieces earlier today, but it's me, your good friend Ghirardelli. What? You don't want to? Bitch, just fucking cry already and EAT ME!"
Last night I decided I have to buy a digital camera, for about the three-thousandth time this month. Jon called me out of the blue, and naturally I ended up at a hookah bar with him, Tobias, and Devon. Devon shamed us with his smoke ring blowing talents, Tobias got drunk and talked to homeless people, and I used my charming good looks to get us food from a closed restaurant. There was crazy music, a belly dancer, Big Momma who weighs three hundred pounds, and Grace's oompa loompas that would be in charge of the 24/7 Marti Gras in Seattle. You know, just the typical stuff that happens when Jon and I get together with another friend or two.