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Sunday, May 29, 2005

pete francis - stones

i am sick and tired of being mistaken for the frumpy older woman!! last time i was josh's mom, today i'm chanel's aunt. starting tomorrow, i'm getting back into the monday-wednesday-friday running schedule.

caveman sandwiches are fantastique. chanel's sister gave us the hookup, and oh man. if it was me paying, i never would have given that place a chance. it was dirty and grungy and disgusting, but the food... sehr gut.

we spent most of our time at the cemetary. i foraged my garage for a crowbar and hedge clippers, nabbed a bunch of flowers from the garden. we cleaned up four of her family headstones, made them look pretty and clean. we got distracted by the older headstones. it's... difficult, to take in how many kids die young. especially in the older section of the cemetary. we eventually found the brick headstone from raymond love, chanel's grandmother's older brother who died when he was three days old. we had to dig out the grass that was covering it, but we hacked away a good space of dirt to keep it uncovered for a while. she's planning to go back and paint it, make it brighter, and also make the name legible again.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

m.i.a. - galang

so today, the people from work called and begged me to come in because someone hadn't shown up. i told them, "no way, crazy! i'm going to seattle in a few hours!" so they backed off and let me go. then, two hours later, when i should've been enjoying myself on the road to folklife, i got stood up by tuey. i'm mad, tuey! but it's okay, because my mother took me shopping instead. she bought me a pretty rich girl's flowery shirt from ann taylor, and a cheap $6 roxy tank top from ross. the best of both worlds. new sunglasses, too, plus the usual five-finger discounted items. another rich girl's shirt, another roxy tanktop, and visine.

as for the 18th year kidnapping plan, that's set back until next weekend. david's helping a friend move in and i'm tired, plus i might have allergy-induced pink eye.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

the go! team - bottle rockets

spent the whole afternoon vegging on tommy's couch. we watched all the last 5 episodes of veronica mars (ahhh! totally unexpected ending! now who was at her door??) there was also a little bit of the adventures of pete and pete in there. and chicken with ceasar salad. all that and i called in sick to work, makes a great way to waste 6 hours.

now i just need to get healthy again. i'm thinking maybe sleep with the window shut tonight. and take lots of cold medicine.

Monday, May 16, 2005

the go! team - get it together

so. after a fantastic weekend of fun and hijinks with the greatest people on earth, i came home to the federal way shithole. don't get me wrong, i used to like federal way a little bit. after spending so much time with the close-knit beach kids, bonding and goofing off and basically realizing it's possible for friends to actually like each other, i even came back kind of hopeful. thinking maybe i'll give the kids another shot.

dumb move on my part. i know. turns out these friends i've had for the last two years took my book out of jeff's trunk, ran over it with a car, took a shovel to it, and pissed on it. jeff, jaryd, good one. nice to know what kind of people they really are. it hurts like hell to find out that they would do that kind of immature shit, especially after i told him how i'd feel if he did... really, what did jeff think he was going to prove? that he's got serious problems? i knew that already. this just shows that he's more fucked up than i thought. but hey. on the plus side, i can kick him in the ass now and not feel bad about it. and i've saved myself a lot of wasted time. now i can break loose from them completely, tell them what i honestly think of them, and not feel bad about it at all. so yeah, it sucks that my brother's book got destroyed by senseless vandalism, but it's also helped me figure out who the important people in my life are. tuey called me up and expressed her sympathy (and that is way too nice of an expression for what she really said), and rj and i had a slumber party with video games and silly movies. thanks you two.

Sunday, May 8, 2005

oar - night shift

hey mother's day was adorable over here! mother and i went shopping at macy's, she got lots of new clothes while i experimented trying on different spring fashions. we got sodas from the soda machine and ate at mom & pop's pizza. she paid for my haircut and then.. we watched a girl movie! haha, it was so great. we were sitting there riveted, following the victorian english society gossip. my dad got in on it too - we'd have to pause and explain it for him since he kept walking in and out of the room. anyway, it was cute. we don't sit and watch girl movies together a lot, we usually don't agree on what counts as good. but we like the remakes of classic english novels.

Friday, May 6, 2005

the go! team - huddle formation

what a failure! i'd been planning for months to give this presentation to merkle's class. we had to reschedule, i had to beg my OSC instructors to let me keep the dvd a little longer... and on the big day of the presentation (there were two of them, actually) i slept straight through my alarm and my mom trying to wake me up.

'course, i woke up at noon and freaked, drove hell-bent to school and apologized to merkle. she was pretty understanding. after all, stepping on a rusty nail and being in the emergency room until 4 am makes people a little more forgiving.

so i've got this cool hard-sole shoe with velcro, plus lots of painkillers. and the gimp card. once rj sends me the pictures, i'll put those up here, too. (he was there with me the whole time. duh. you shouldn't even have to ask anymore.)

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

dispatch - open up

oh sad. my highlight of the day isn't rj this time. (don't feel sad, i thought fighting over the radio was simply great fun!) it's way geeky, i'm almost embarassed to talk about it. .... rowe's. first of all, rowe is just fantastic! i was going through her music collection on her computer, and it's fun generic funky stuff. she let us listen to jack johnson for the whole class period! oh, heart! and most of the class period was spent talking about colleges, where people are going and which professors to avoid or hunt down. plus her imitation of alan was absolutely priceless.

i really want to clean my room. it's trashed. i want to clean my room and fold my laundry and just... get all this clutter organized. plus i want my wsi class to be done. just 20 more days! (the perfect birthday present, i think.)

Monday, May 2, 2005

oh hey, so this is the crazy shaved cat that rj and i met at the "beach" the other night. (which other night? don't remember!) Posted by Hello

eve 6 - promise

ohh nooo~!!!!

i'm feeling the pull of a social life again. ahh, what will i do?? probably nothing, but i need some crazy stories and soon. oh so i guess i found my prom dates! bobby is taking me to the ilwaco prom, tommy is taking me to the decatur one. and none of you know those boys, even if you do know the names! it will be a grand blast, if i can keep up this happy social mood instead of sinking back into the "blah i hate everyone except for these three people" mood that i've been in for the last week.

i suppose i can heart william for changing my mind. we only hung out for about 3 hours - saw a movie and got burger express, then he had to drive home. but his stories of road-tripping inspired me to have fun again. not that i've done that yet. i've been completely antisocial all day. but tomorrow is tuesday! my "day off"! i'll see jamie and ryan after work, and maybe rj or tuey or even tommy before.

oh okay, i'll admit it. myspace got to me again. i was looking at elaina's and i feel sad. i go out every night and run amok but emotionally, i'm dead. i'm not in love, i'm not aching for love, i'm not being shunned by my friends. nope, i'm just spending all my free time chatting with a nice boy who likes to explore the woods at night. and throw bouncie balls at my head while i'm driving. rj's a great kid, but how will i ever meet the love of my life if i give into my antisocial behavior and never see anyone but him?? so i've decided to try and get out there more. call up william when i have days off, and go crazy wild down at elaina's on prom weekend. and when this month of wsi training is up... yeah honestly i'll probably just start working out again and keep reading and not change my habits at all.